Let's improve the world together

Seems like almost nobody cares about humanity's welfare, almost each person is interested in money, it's own well-being... But guys I'll tell you in the next paragraphs are totally different. Each of them is unique and original, but they have global goals in common, goals which are really rare to meet in modern society. That's why they are a team. And the goal is to make things better as far they can. It's not only senseless words, read the paragraphs below, and you'll be sure, those people can make our world better.

The first is Paul ‘Panhandle' Smith

First of all you must be anxious about his strange nickname, because some people can consider it offensive, but I can make you sure, it's not true. Paul got his nickname mostly due to his open-mind and warm character, which helps him feel more at home with himself too. Despite being very active and enthusiastic about the stuff he does, he is similar to a flame- hot, fast and dangerous. As far as his texts is concerned, it's really amazing and thrilling, people (including me) can't wait for his new post on Facebook or Twitter. Panhandling his way through personal opinion which is often based on many other people's thoughts. He embodies the soul of our very team.

Ray ‘Sheldon' Damier

You may think it's his real name, but actually it's not. Can you remember that TV series: ‘Big Bang Theory'? If not, I'll explain. He can be described as captious, clever, strict guy who sometimes can be really annoying, but is really the opposite. Always at the front and typically annoying, Sheldon usually, has some pretty cute one-liners. It's really difficult to imagine Sheldon writing something he doesn't know about, because, on my opinion, there are no things left in the world he doesn't know about. All in all he usually writes for the deep thinker, of course it's very knowledgeable and informative for anyone who is an average layman. Go ahead and consider him the brain of the team already.

Mandy ‘Diesel' Milford

Are you already thinking of some massive bearded lumberjack yet? If not, amazingly, Mandy is really a young woman who is comfortable with her 5’2” stature and likes chamomile tea and mocha latte. So why such an aggressive nickname, you may ask- we’ll get to that... Mandy is the type of person who makes the team move, the- so called ‘engine' that gives the extra power behind it all. Though she is shy, one can never doubt her clever and solid courage comes off as anything but girly. Which she really enjoys what she is doing from start until finish. She is inspired by the idea of a better world we can create together, making Mandy the heart of our team.

Despite our mixed bag of a website team, you can be sure that they are inspired with the idea to inspiration everyone to get out there and write. We might have great ideas but without your input- we’re sure that something may be missing. Feel free to send all your ideas and thoughts to us -so we can add them to our site. Send us a message here:


Rays Road and Review Crew

141 Beard St

Brooklyn, NY


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