Science Fiction drives our future

It is impossible to imagine how technologies have undertaken the world. There is no tiny space in this world that doesn't involve technology. It is both good and bad. However, there is just one fine line between technology and science fiction. Before we know, the fine line between technology and science fiction will be no more. Did you know most of science fiction ideas were generated from books?

Those writers had little to do with technology. The writers had the wider perspective about the future and science fiction and it paved the path to a successful world. It is the matter of inspiration and talent. There are countless science fiction novels that helped to create most of the technological things we use today. Actually, if you look deeply you will understand that this is not something new. It has always been there. The great personality Robert H. Goddard had been inspired by the book War of the World which was written by H.G. Wells. Its’ imagination gave life to the liquid-fueled rocket and everything else that inspires technology. The reality is that most writers were able to travel to the next level of imagination. Actually, science fiction reveals the future for us. Science fiction books are great because it creates a different world for you. Fictions have the power to grasp human minds easily, that power is the language used in the books.


The writers job is create the unimaginable things- yet there had been times where those imaginations became real. Some of the stories were turned into reality with the use of technology, and there is more to come as well. According to George Orwell, the masterpieces he creates have become the reality by now. It should be no surprise that 3D scanning device mentioned in his novel was nothing but a new invention to the world. Not only him, there had been many other prolific writers who had amazing ideas and innovations in their collective work. As classic science fiction was written in the 1900th century, it further proves it has given life to the present world. And since these technologies are mentioned in sci-fi novels, this technology has the power to satisfy human needs. According to the book: “The Space Merchants” which was written by Frederik Pohl and Cyril M. Kornbluth, their concepts have become the reality with the corporate interests and needs of humans- end up leaving the economy in scarcity.

All these writers didn’t happen to just pen down their random thoughts, they penned down their innovations, ideas, and creations which later became a reality. Not only technology even the psychic powers were mentioned by the writers like Octavia E. Butler and Alfred Bester that described the psychic powers within the human mind. The connection between the mind and psychic power is clearly depicted in science fiction-themed books. Stephen King often uses this concept more often to convey the future revealed to a character through some kind of psychic gift. You may wonder what it has to do with the reality of our future? We may never know until mind control is an everyday activity.

What about the smartphone obsession in the current generation? What about the smartphone obsession in the current generation? I’m not speaking about online casino games, more like the screen addiction and pointless scrolling all day long. Isn't there a link? Think! Most science fiction novels have the direct connection to the technology. In fact, most of the novels have offered innovative ideas for the products that we are using right now. The wild ideas of the authors have gained real power through technology.