What are the untold secrets getting published

Do you wonder why your written books are still unpublished? Are you ready to get your books published as soon as published? Many writers end up frustrated after countless rejected attempts. The difference between a published book and an unpublished book is very simple but the problem is no one talks about it because the truth is oftentimes, kept in the secret. One of the bitterest truths is that many are called to write but few make it to published author. Many would ask why? As you read further, you are going to discover the untold secrets to getting published.

james-caan-miseryMake sure your book(s) are/is up to expectations:

These days, most editors do not have the time to start mentoring any writer. In fact, editors of nowadays just want to edit promising finished books. If your book needs accurate feedback, pertinent suggestions, and critical guidance, the best persons to meet are critiques, not editors. If your book is not finely tuned to the expectations of the editor, instead of mentoring you, he/she is going to reject you out rightly.

Prepare for the worse:

One of the hardest things to face is rejection and if you want to get your book published, you must be able to handle criticisms and use it to your own advantage. Sincerely, no editor wants to publish a book that won't sell. Every editor you meet has senior editors he/she is reporting to. So in order to keep their job, they would make sure whatever they present to their seniors is promising and well written. What book gets published is at the discretion of the senior editors. The editor line is like a food chain. The job of junior editors is to search for sellable books; however, it is their senior colleagues who make most of the decisions.

Give your book a clear voice:

Seth Godin’s sole explanation for anyone taking to a pen advised to: ‘make change happen.’ He further said, ‘If you want to change people, you must create enough leverage to encourage the change to happen.’ Make sure your book is driving towards a point be it a story, motivational book or historical book. When your book is heavily spirited with the vibes of change, people will not just buy for themselves but also buy it for their loved ones. People would help you market it as though it's theirs.

Read Well:

As the popular adage goes, readers are writers. Most writers are influenced by the books they read. If you want to write the best book that would be published, then, you should endeavor to read the best books. This is by far, the most important secret. Please, stop reading crappy books. What you read strongly influence the things you write. So read the best to write the best. In conclusion, once you've read and internalized these four secrets, try to internalize them and be prepared to put them into active practice. Also, note that I did not write the four ways to getting your books published, I wrote the four secrets to publishing your book. So do not think knowing this secret is the all you need. You will have to make a way yourself using this knowledge of these secrets. Like this post and don't forget to share with your friends